The Corner House prevention philosophy: We strive to turn the challenges of adolescence into opportunities for growth. We recognize that young people face difficult decisions as they transition through important phases of development, and need the tools to help them make healthy choices to lead productive lives.

 Over the years Corner House has remained part of the lives of those in our Leadership programs. Our new facilitators of GAIA (Gisela Moore) and TAG (Stacy Young) were both in the programs when they were in school. They are extremely excited to give back to the programs that helped them develop their leadership skills during their teen years. Dr. Oliver Crocco was on the first Corner House Student Board. He has now come back full circle to lead the Leadership Institute. Gisela, Stacy and "Ozzie" always felt a connection to Corner House through CHSB, GAIA, and TAG, as students and as adults they want to continue to be part of the team.


Corner House Student Board

Programs include:

  • Open Mic Night
  • All-City A Capella Night
  • Cranbury School Parent Workshop
  • All-City Dodgeball Tournament

Teen Advisory Group:

Workshops for Elementary and Middle School students in the following schools:

  • Johnson Park Elementary
  • Riverside Elementary
  • Princeton Charter School
  • Community Park
  • Princeton Day School
  • Academy of the Sacred Heart
  • Friends School
  • Cranbury

Growing Up Accepted As An Individual In America:

Workshops for students in the following schools:

  • The Hun School
  • Little Brook Elementary School
  • Rising Above in JW Middle School
  • Princeton Charter School
  • Princeton Day School

Coffee & Conversation

Corner House provides Coffee & Conversation parent programs for parents of middle and high school age students which address the transition to high school, particularly navigating through the teen social scene. These programs, designed to be informal and conversational in nature, address the following topics (not an exhaustive list) and can be tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of the particular group of parents:

  • Changes in student norms and attitudes about alcohol & drug experimentation and use from MS to HS
  • Influence of parents, older students, and social media
  • Protective and risk factors
  • Trends in use (e.g. what substances are being used, ‘blackout’ drunk, marijuana trends, access to substances)
  • Communication tips & strategies for parents
  • Host liability concerns

Coffee & Conversation can be hosted by a parent in their home, for a group of up to 12 adults, or can be hosted at a school through the Parents Association.


Academic Success Today (AST)

AST, as it has become known, was founded in 1992. This year-round program provides Princeton middle school students with academic support and guidance. The program matches at-risk students at John Witherspoon Middle School, with mentors who are volunteers from Princeton University and the Princeton community. The positive relationship between the student and the mentor is the basis for this program. They meet weekly and go on outings such as: Meet Your Mentor event, Camp Night, and an award ceremony at the end of the year. In the summer, students can participate in the following camps: Princeton University’s sports camps, iD Tech Camps, and the Princeton Recreation Department Camp. Over 3,200 hours of service.

What mentees have to say about the AST program:

  • “They help me with my homework”
  • “Mentors are nice, funny and they teach you”
  • “We have fun opportunities on campus”
  •  “I like meeting someone new”

prevention peer2peerCorner House works in conjunction with John Witherspoon Middle School and the Cranbury School to provide prevention programs to students in grades 6 to 8. Two programs are facilitated at John Witherspoon Middle School (JWMS).


Peer to Peer
The program aims to reduce the incidents of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and other drug use among middle school students. Weekly meetings with selected students in 8th grade who are trained by Corner House and John Witherspoon staff to conduct substance abuse prevention, leadership, inclusion, and bullying workshops for the students in the 7th grade health classes.


Super Teens Acting Responsibly (STAR)

STAR is a weekly chat group at John Witherspoon Middle School that provides girls in 6th through 8th grade an opportunity to openly discuss topics that are important and unique to them. Topics include, but are not limited to: conflict resolution, peer pressure, social media, stress management, self-esteem, gossip, familial and peer relationships, substance use/abuse, etc. 10 month weekly meetings with 30+ students. 

Rising Above

Peer to Peer students helped facilitate group discussions and activities, after a presentation on anti-bullying, making smart, informed, and good choices to students in the 8th grade at JWMS.